Ne-Yo Comes to Celebrate New Summertime Single 'U 2 Luv' Featuring Jeremih

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May 29, 2020

Ne-Yo is back with a brand new single! 

We are celebrating Ne-Yo in his release and he will be taking over and talking with us about life in quarantine, music, and more all weekend.  

Ne-Yo's new single titled "U 2 Luv" featuring Jeremih comes at the right time as we start to feel that summer heat. The single is a summertime hit at its finest with two R&B voices we didn't realize you wanted on a song. The track comes with an upbeat, sexy tone that samples the classic song "Computer Love" by Zapp. Ne-Yo is a genius to play on this classic as we are all experiencing some form of "Computer Love" during quarantine and social distancing. The hitmaker, once again, does not disappoint and is bringing that favourable energy to The People's Station. 

Make sure you stay tuned to hear Ne-Yo takeover V-103.


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