Investigative reporter Greg Palast visits Rashad Richey

VOTER PURGE: Your Name Might Be On This Investigative Reporter's List of Georgia Voters Who've Been Removed From Registration

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October 1, 2018

Attention Georgia residents: your name may have been purged from Georgia's voting rolls by Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Yes, the same person running for Governor as the Republican nominee.

According to V-103 and WAOK host Rashad Richey, who interviewed investigative journalist Greg Palast today, Kemp removed over 500,000 registered voters in Georgia from voter files in 2017 because they (possibly meaning "you") were either inactive, registered in other places or moved out of their districts. Palast, a contributor to Rolling Stone, BBC and The Guardian gave Rashad Richey exclusive details on what his investigation turned up, who allegedly helped Kemp decide who to purge, and how he had to threaten a federal lawsuit just to get Kemp to release the names.

Palast says he has every name of every registered voter purged from the list, and he advises all Georgia voters to check your status immediately on his website,

Check your status now, and hear Rashad's full interview with Greg Palast now at WAOK.