Is It Ok For A Woman To Date A Man Half Her Age?!

By: Zindzi Payne

March 21, 2018
Luenell In the V103 Studio's

This year seems to be the year that women are reclaiming their power. Starting with the cougar lifestyle. With celebs like Keyshia Cole, Blac Chyna & Amber Rose who are dating men a significant amount of years younger than them, have some wondering if dating younger is a new trend.

But what exactly is a cougar in today’s society?

Comedian/Actress Luenell paid us a visit this morning on the Frank & Wanda Show With Miss Sophia & happens to be an “advocate” for dating younger men (lol).

She jokingly says, “They want a nice older woman because they know we have a comfortable house, we know how to make greens…just like momma n’em’”.

One caller mentioned that he is with a woman 31 years his senior and said, “It’s not a lot of game playing with them, it’s very straight forward”.  

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