Lil Donald and Ro James visit V-103 Atlanta's Frank and Wanda In The Morning

"Say It Twice" Rapper Lil Donald and "Permission" Singer Ro James Visit Frank and Wanda

Oh it was Lit Lit

October 25, 2018

Atlanta rapper Lil Donald has a legit hit in his current song "Say It Twice," and he visited V-103's Frank and Wanda In The Morning to talk about it, to offer listeners $500 for the winner of his #SayItTwiceChallenge, and to show the morning show hosts how the song's word-repeating flow works. So of course Frank and Wanda did their own version of the song live on the air. See their hilarious performance in the video below:

Frank and Wanda also hosted "Permission" singer Ro James, who has a new single called "Excuse Me," and is currently on tour. Watch below as he talks about how he got into the music business, his upbriging with a religious military father and his resulting rebelliousness, how he may one day release a "gospel project," and why he likes to maintain a little bit of mystery about himself.