Sevyn Streeter visits V-103's Atlanta studios

We Forgot To Tell You Sevyn Streeter Jumped Up On The Table And Danced To "Yernin'" The Other Day

Frank Ski Was Ready With The Phone

October 16, 2018

Singer Sevyn Streeter joined V-103’s Frank and Wanda In The Morning last week to talk about how exited she is to perform at V103 Winterfest 2018, and what’s going on in her world these days. And oh yeah... she also gave the morning show crew quite an eyeful, as well as an earful, of her noteworthy talent, by climbing up from her chair (quite easily, we must say), standing on the broadcast table, and performing a seductive lip-sync rendition of her hit song, “Yernin’” while Frank Ski got the footage on his cell phone.

Watch the video below to hear Sevyn Streeter and Frank Ski discuss Winterfest, her personal life (yes, she’s in a happy relationship), and paying homage to music from the past in her own songs. Oh, and of course you don't wanna miss the "Yernin'" part!