Lynn Whitfield and Keith Davis of OWN's Greenleaf on V-103's Frank and Wanda In The Morning

Watch the cast of TV's Greenleaf react to Cardi B's imitation of Coretta Scott King

Frank Ski plays the clip; see the response

August 28, 2018

Today the Frank and Wanda In The Morning show welcomed the cast of the Oprah Winfrey Network television show "Greenleaf." In the studio were Lynn Whitfield, Keith David, Merle Dandridge, Deborah Joy Winans and Lamman Rucker, who are in town for the Season 3 premiere watch party in midtown Atlanta. 

V-103's Frank Ski and Wanda Smith chatted with the cast members about how fans have bought into the "human truths," as Whitfield put it, so much that sometimes people confuse the actors with their characters. But before digging into what fans can expect from this new season, Frank asked the crew's opinion of a just-released clip from the new spoof comedy TV show "Off the Rip." In the clip, rapper Cardi B gives a controversial impression of Coretta Scott King, and... well, just watch how the Greenleaf stars respond.

Greenleaf's two-night premiere starts tonight, continues Wednesday and will air Wednesdays at 10pm EST on OWN.