Greg Street Congratulates Atlanta's Westlake High School for Students Receiving $35 Million in Scholarships

A westside success story

May 10, 2019

V-103's Greg Street is one of Atlanta's biggest promoters of youth education, and constantly goes above and beyond to highlight the great things that are happening in elementary, middle and high schools around Greater Atlanta. And this time, he's shining a light -- and a video camera -- on Westlake High School for having graduates who've been awarded more than $35 million dollars in scholarships to attend colleges around the country.

Westlake a known powerhouse in athletics, as the alma mater of NFL quarterback Cam Newton and the home of a ladies' basketball team that has won more than 60 games in a row (including two state championships, as Greg points out in the video), but it's also excelling in academics, and the majority of the millions in scholarship money is for actual studies and excellence in education.

"We've gotta get these stories on the news," Greg also says in the video. We've gotta let the media know, you can't just show up with a camera and try to find somebody when somebody got raped, somebody got a gun at school, somebody got shot, somebody's got some drugs. This is what we need to show. We've gotta make school great again, and this is how we do it. We've gotta expose these students that are working hard, on and off the field."

Be sure to watch the full video to see more about how Westlake High School is turning students of westside Atlanta into tomorrow's worldwide success stories!