Lavar Ball: We CAN coexist

Potential Relationship with LeBron James

July 3, 2018

Richard Mackson - USA TODAY Sports


2018 NBA free agency has been ridiculous!

Major moves made – secured the bag – some players are definitely getting paid. One of the most popular headlines comes from the West. The Los Angeles Lakers caught the big fish of the summer – the King – LeBron James. The two parties agreed to a four-year, $154 million contract. 

With James headed to a new team – of course chemistry on the hardwood comes into question. However, the far more interesting mix won’t be found on the court. 

LeBron James meet Lavar Ball

We all know Ball – the leader of the Big Baller Brand, proud father of three who advocates for his boys and their talents (Lonzo Ball is the Lakers point guard). Boisterous is how he’s typically described. Unconventional is his delivery and approach when handling business. Some even say he’s overshadowing his children. 

We all know James – one of the greatest in the NBA (if not, the greatest current player), a leader both on and off the court, a proud father of three, and one who has been speculated to dabble in coaching/front office decisions. 

Both Ball and James share many similarities – but, the most prevalent – successful, strong black men! 

Can the two harmonize, now that James will join forces with Ball’s son Lonzo? 

According to Ball, YES!

“They [the media] try to create this wedge between us when its nothing there and I see why. LeBron is very successful, I’m successful – they don’t want us together. So, its better to make one black man go after another… we’re going to get along.”

A commonality of interest ensures cooperation. Family, business, and winning – is how Ball believes the two will maintain. 

“We have those three things – we can’t lose… he’s going to be working doing his thing and I’ll be doing mine, stated Ball.”

It’s that simple – or at least we hope!