Lucy McBath-Candidate for Congress: I'm Fighting for the Legacy of My Son and the Safety of Residents

Obama Endorsement Expected to Help Galvanize More Support

October 2, 2018
Lucy McBath is the Democratic nominee for the 6th District Congressional seat

(Photo courtesy of the Lucy McBath Campaign)


Sixth District candidate for U.S. Congress Lucy McBath says "gun violence is so extreme, there are no safe places anymore." 

It was gun violence, the shooting death of her son Jordan Davis in 2012, that propelled McBath into politics. He was shot and killed by a man over loud music.  

"After Jordan died I started asking very tough questions about, not only why had Jordan died, but about why Trayvon died and all the deaths I continued to see, unnecessary gun deaths." She says she  wanted to know how the tragedies were happening and why "our legislators, civic leaders, and faith leaders were not speaking up."

McBath says that's how her advocacy began. 

Then she says she started asking those questions of our federal legislators in Washington. And, that's how she began speaking out.

Democrat McBath faces Republican Karen Handel in the November election. If she wins, McBath will make history because for the past 40 years the metro Atlanta district has been represented by Republicans.

Click below to hear my interview with McBath.