GA Senate Candidate: It's Not Over Until It's Over

Sabrina McKenzie rallying Provisional voters

May 25, 2018

(Photo Credit: Sabrina McKenzie)


The majority of candidates in Tuesday's Primary Election know their outcome, but for Georgia Senate candidate Sabrina McKenzie, she says it's not over.

According to McKenzie, there are 115 votes, that stand between she and fellow democrat Steve Henson. He hasn't had an opponent in 8 years, or a primary challenger in 16 years. He leads the state senate's democratic caucus.

Candidate McKenzie says there are about 360 Provisional ballots that need to be verified. "Many Provisional voters", according to McKenzie, "don't know that their ballot will only count if they show up by 5pm today with their identification to the DeKalb Board of Elections." 

McKenzie calls the campaign 'horrific', saying there was "a lot of negative campaigning, pulling of signs, knocking over mailboxes, and threats." Yet she says, "black girl magic is real", in-that she "survived".

Several civil rights activists and groups joined McKenzie, on the steps of the county courthouse in downtown Decatur Friday morning, calling for a review of this week's Primary Election procedures, claiming voter suppression.