Representative Renitta Shannon says Brian Kemp ran a campaign of hate

Conservative campaigns called embarrassing and disgusting

December 11, 2018
Georgia State Representative Renitta Shannon is boycotting Brian Kemp's first major speech as Governor-elect

(Photo Credit: Renitta Shannon)


Georgia State Representative Renitta Shannon says she's really "tired of conservatives across the country running hateful campaigns and then expecting everybody to go back to business as usual after campaign season."

Shannon calls that "a lot of privilege."

The state lawmaker from Decatur is boycotting today's luncheon speech by Georgia Governor-elect Brian Kemp. He is scheduled to speak to legislators during a conference being held in Athens.

According to Shannon, Kemp's recent gubernatorial campaign, in-which he faced Stacey Abrams, was "a campaign of hate against half of Georgia, targeting voters of color."

State Representative Sandra Scott, running to chair the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, is supporting Shannon in the boycott.

Shannon tells V103's Maria Boynton what she hopes to accomplish with the boycott.