UPDATE: Atlanta Senator Tests Positive for Coronavirus

3 Senators have now tested positive as others await results

March 21, 2020
Ga State Senator Nikema Williams wears a mask as she has self-quarantined following exposure to the coronavirus

(Photo Credit: Senator Nikema Williams)


UPDATE: Sunday-March 22, 2020

Atlanta State Senator Nikema Williams said on Facebook that she has tested posted for COVID-19. "I got a call from the Piedmont on call doctor notifying me that my Coronavirus test results were positive."

Original Story

Atlanta State Senator Nikema Williams says today was the first in 2 days that she hasn't had a fever. Williams, who is also President of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said in a post on Facebook that she was "tested for #Covid19." She is awaiting the results which she says will take "5-7 BUSINESS" days.

This comes as two Georgia senators have tested positive for the coronavirus. State Senator Kay Kirkpatrick, republican from the 32nd district, which includes parts of Fulton and Cobb counties, said on Facebook that she has tested positive. Sunday is when Kirkpatrick says she was tested and that she received the positive results on Friday. Kirkpatrick claims to have self-quarantined after coming down with a fever, got tested, and then learned the results.

Sen Brandon Beach (l) and Sen Kay Kirkpatrick (r) have tested positive for Coronavirus
(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/RADIO.COM & Office of Sen Kay Kirkpatrick)

The entire Georgia legislature, 236 lawmakers, had been ordered to self-isolate after republican Alpharetta State Senator Brandon Beach announced he'd tested postive for the coronavirus. They'd attended a special Monday, March 16, session to vote on matters pertaining to the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Beach reportedly said he'd been screened the Saturday prior because he didn't feel well, and didn't learn the positive results until Wednesday following the session.

Georgia State Senator Ed Harbison, a democrat from Columbus, says he was "shocked" to learn that Beach had tested positive. "We spoke and talked about certain legislation" during the special session says Harbison.  When he got the word to self-isolate Harbison says he followed orders. "I have an elderly mother, who is 95 years old, and I certainly don't want to spread it to her." As for how he keeps busy during self-quarantine, Harbison says, "I do my pushups and jog in place 2 miles when I can, and basically I''m taking it 1 day at a time."

Senator Nikema Williams said in her facebook post "We wrapped up the 2nd day of our #SenateQuarantine with lots of conference calls in an attempt to get people the services they need." Williams added that to keep germs from her husband and son "I’m isolated in a “sick” room downstairs, wearing a mask and wiping things down constantly.

"We got 14 days to do", says Harbison, "and after that even, I'm going to be very cautious about exposing myself to anybody or have anybody exposed to me, and put ourselves into potential danger."

Williams ended her Facebook post by saying "Hang in there y’all, we are ALL in this together and we must ALL do our part!"

As of 7:00 p.m. tonight, Saturday-March 21, 2020, the Georgia Department of Public Health says ther are 555 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state and 20 deaths.