Unarmed Black Man’s Death Called ‘Worse than Trayvon’

Atlanta activist says ‘it’s time to mask up!’ as killers remain free

May 5, 2020

“This man was murdered”, is what NAACP Georgia/Atlanta Vice President Gerald Griggs said after reading the initial police report detailing the death of a black man in coastal Georgia .

The now third District Attorney on the case, according to news reports, says he will let a Grand Jury consider charges in the case. Two previous DA’s recused themselves because the named shooters were once employed by their offices.

The NAACP has gotten involved in the case surrounding the death of 25 year old Ahmaud Arbery. It happened on February 23 in Brunswick, Georgia.

While Griggs, an Atlanta attorney known for organizing massive protests has been ready to grab a bullhorn, it’s a newly released video that has Griggs saying today “it’s time to mask up!”

He calls Arbery’s death ‘worse than Trayvon’ because “that was just one killer. There are two in this case”, says Griggs.

The police report details what Glynn County police say was told to them following the shooting
(Photo Credit: Attorney Gerald Griggs)

Coronavis pandemic rules against gathering have prevented protests, and delayed attention, against the killing of Arbery. The statewide stay at home order has now expired.

Arbery was jogging through a Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood, the police report indicates, when he was chased down by two white men.  The men, identified as 64 year old Gregory McMichael and his son 34 year old Travis say Arbery looked like a burglar.

The police report also indicates that Arbery’s death was a homicide, yet 3 months later, no arrest has been made.

According to the police report the men got into their truck and started driving towards Arbery, who turned and started jogging in the opposite direction. They followed in the truck. The video shows a man standing in the bed of the vehicle with a gun. It also shows a noticeably exhausted black man being shot several times. He then collapses.

It happened on a Sunday at 1 O’clock in the afternoon.

The Georgia and Atlanta NAACP are calling for justice in the case.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently called for a federal investigation into the death of Arbery.