Lawyer: Wrong Ashes Could Have Trickle Effect And Impact Many Families

Mixup discovered 2 weeks after memorial service

January 2, 2019
Attorney C.K. Hoffler (l) represents Regina and Michael Wynn in their lawsuit filed in Clayton County State Court

(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)


Attorney C.K. Hoffler says "the best way to get to the bottom of this is in a court of law." The Atlanta lawyer represents the family of the late Paulette Patricia Bradley. 

It was two weeks after the family held a memorial service for the McDonough woman, when they learned the ashes, that they thought belonged to their mother, weren't her's at all.  "I thought my mom was with me at the memorial service", says Bradley's daughter Regina Wynn, "I was contacted by Southern Regional Hospital two weeks later, who said they (the funeral director) were there to pick up my mom." Wynn says she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Claims of breach of contract and negligence are stated in the lawsuit against  Southern Regional Medical Center, which had Ms. Bradley's body;  Speer-Shelton Funeral Directions, contracted to perform the cremation, but delivered the wrong ashes; and the company that actually did the cremation, Cremation Services of Atlanta.

Reports indicate that the funeral home says it is not responsible for what happened. The hospital is also denying any wrongdoing. 

Click below to listen to my interview with Regina Wynn and Attorney C.K. Hoffler.