Gwinnett MARTA Referendum: "Not About Race but about bringing opportunities"

Friday last day of early voting

March 14, 2019
Early voting ends Friday on proposed expansion of MARTA into Gwinnett County. March 19 is Election Day.

(Photo Credit: MARTA)


The last day of early voting on Gwinnett County's MARTA referendum is Friday.  Polls are open from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m.  Polling locations will be open the same hours on Tuesday, March 19.

Residents are deciding whether to allow MARTA to take over Gwinnett's current transit system, and to add a 1 cent sales tax to pay for it. If approved, it would mean heavy rail and expanded bus service in the county. 

Voters in Gwinnett County are deciding if the long-resistant suburban area will finally join MARTA and double its mass transit.
(Photo Credit: MARTA)

Bianca Keaton, Chair of the Gwinnett County Party claims that opponents of bringing MARTA into the county are "criminalizing black, brown, and poor people". Keaton speaks of "harsh" messages received on social media. 

"I really think it's unfair", says Keaton, to associate black and brown people and the poor with crime.  Keaton says expanding transit will "bring opportunities that Gwinnett is missing out on".

If the vote is passed Tuesday, the county would start collecting the sales tax on April 1.

Click below to hear my interview with Bianca Keaton, President of the Gwinnett Democratic Party.