Melody Maddox First Female DeKalb County Sheriff

Says predecessor did right by county after exposure allegation

December 5, 2019
Melody Maddox is the first woman sheriff of DeKalb County (GA)

Photo Credit: Corey Reese Photography)


When she was a beat officer with the DeKalb County Police Department, Melody Maddox became known as Mad Dog Maddox. "I was still a lady in uniform. I was firm, but I was fair" says Maddox, the first female to lead the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.

She says it's not just history for her, but for all of us. "This is history for those little girls out there who see me in the uniform. It's history for the little boys who say 'well if she did it, I know that I can do it'."

Maddox was sworn in over the weekend after predecessor Jeffrey Mann's retirement became effective November 30. Mann, who had been Sheriff since 2014, had been fighting to keep his certification. The revocation happened in 2017 after Mann's guilty plea to allegations that he'd exposed himself to an APD officer in Piedmont Park.

Melody Maddox is sworn in as sheriff by DeKalb Superior Court Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson as Maddox's daughter Indira Woodward looks on
(Photo Credit: Fred Hicks)

When I first interviewed Maddox earlier this year, she'd just been sworn in as Chief Deputy Sheriff, second-in command to Mann. The two had previously faced each other in the race for Sheriff of DeKalb County, which Mann won.  

A former chief of police for Georgia Piedmont Technical College in DeKalb County, Maddox's career in law enforcement started with the DeKalb Sheriff's office in 1996. 

An inaugural celebration for the new Sheriff will be held at the Saint Phillip AME Church on Candler Road in Atlanta on December 16 from 6pm to 9pm.