Minister Jamal Bryant: If Baltimore "Is Living In Hell" Trump is Satan

Native son calls U.S. President "an embarrassment"

July 31, 2019
Pastor Jamal Bryant calls President Trump an "embarrassment" after attacks on Baltimore, MD

(Photo Credits: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and Getty Images/Zach Gibson/Stinger)


New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Just 6 months ago, he left the church he'd founded there to become the leader of the megachurch located in surburban Atlanta.

Over the past few days, Dr. Bryant has watched and listened, as the President of the United States has called his hometown "a rodent infested mess." In an on-going feud against Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings, Donald Trump said Baltimore has the "worst" numbers on crime and economy. He said the city is worse than the Central American country Honduras, which has been plagued with gang violence and has some of the highest homicide rates in the world.

Among his latest comments about Baltimore, Trump said that the "largely African American" population there is "living in hell." Bryant says "if they're living in hell, he is Satan", referring to Trump.

"What we're seeing is a little boy trapped in a grown man's body. He has responsibilities that he can not handle", Bryant says about Trump.

Listen as Bryant details what he feels can be a remedy to the division. 

The New Birth Pastor also talks about a massive shoe drive that has netted thousands of pairs for children heading back to school. Visit for information.