Exclusive: Jamal Bryant Grateful Enemy Has Not Had Victory

New Birth Pastor on 1st year and EBONY Partnership

December 3, 2019
Dr. Jamal Bryant discusses Year One at the helm of New Birth MIssionary Baptist Church

(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/RADIO.COM)


A new partnership between New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in metro Atlanta and EBONY Magazine will have several legs. The two entities are working to free 1000 non-violent offenders by New Years Eve, which Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant says "We're working ferociously to get (that) done."  So how'd that happen? When New Birth held its Bailout for Non-Violent Offenders in Fulton, DeKalb and Henry counties, Bryant says EBONY was watching.  "The said they wanted to replicate our model going into their 75th year of publishing", says Bryant. It's called Home By The Holiday.

Because of the partnership with New Birth, EBONY, according to Bryant, for the first time will open its south headquarters on the church's sprawling campus in the spring. He says it's "to help do their social justice and civic engagement." 

This Sunday will mark the 1 year Anniversary of Bryant taking the helm of the megachurch previously lead by the late Bishop Eddie Long.

When I interviewed him a year ago, Bryant called it his "fall into grace."  He'd just left the megachurch he founded in Baltimore, Maryland. It was an AME church. New Birth is Baptist. He'd also just gone through a very public, and some would call it a "very messy" divorce.  Yet, he was chosen from hundreds of other candidates to lead NBMBC.

Now, a year later, Bryant boasts a vibrant and consistently expanding membership. Not just inside the sanctuary, but online as well. Influenced, undoubtedly by the many community-based events the church has held since his arrival at New Birth.  Along with the bailouts, there's been a mass wedding, a massive career fair, a Kwanza Plaza promoting economic empowerment, and families camped out to receive thousands of pairs of shoes for school.

Kanye even brought his Sunday Service to New Birth.


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