New Birth Missionary Baptist Bishop Resigns

Leaving after 16 months to focus on other churches

June 6, 2018

(Photo Credit: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church)


Sixteen months after he was named Interim Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Lithonia, Bishop Stephen A. Davis, is stepping down. Bishop Davis, had served in the position since the death of Bishop Eddie Long in January 2017. 

Well-known Atlanta businessman Thomas W. Dortch Jr., the New Birth board chairman said it was a strain on Davis and his family. The Bishop has been driving back and forth, said Dortch, while also leading his other churches. Davis has a church in Birmington, Alabama, and another in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  According to Dortch, "He did a favor for New Birth by stepping in and during the untimely transition of Bishop Long. He came from the New Birth family there. We didn't do an extensive search, we will do one this time." Dortch says they will involve church members in the search, "to get their input on what they think would be the kind of pastor they would want at New Birth, the deacon board will also have input."

In a statement released by New Birth Lithonia, Davis said “I love my New Birth Family both in Birmingham and Stonecrest. However, at this time my wife, my children and the New Birth Birmingham family need my full attention. Davis added, “We will remain a New Birth Church in Birmingham and maintain a relationship with the New Birth Stonecrest Congregation.”

Elder Vanessa Long, widow of Bishop Long, said in the statement, “I am so grateful that Bishop Davis honored the wishes of my late husband by serving New Birth at a time of need. We pray God’s Blessings over him, his wife, First Lady Darlene, and the Birmingham church family.”