Wyomia Tyus: Everything Serena is saying is true. Some people just can't see it.

Olympics Trailblazer Is Considered One Of The Most Popular Runners In History

September 20, 2018
Olympian Wyomia Tyus (L) during "A Conversation With Wyomia Tyus" at GA Tech on Sept 16, 2018.

(Photo Courtesy of Tina Tyus)


Wyomia Tyus, a native of Griffin, Georgia, says her life changed, in 1963, when at age 15 she met Edward Temple. He was the track coach at Tennessee State University. They met during a track meet in Fort Valley, GA. It lead to her being given an athletic scholarship. 

Tyus would go on to become the first person to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the 100-meter dash.

Tyus and her TSU running mates, the Tigerbelles, pioneered sporting opportunities for women. She says of tennis great Serena Williams, "Everything Serena is saying is true. Some people just can't see it."

The track and field great believes that Williams needs more voices of support following her controversial US Open final match in-which points were taken from her. Supporters of Wiliiams say she was a victim of racism and sexism

As for her time at TSU, Tyus says back then no school in the U.S. was giving athletic scholarships to women. "Tennessee State was the only school that was doing that. You think about all the great athletics, probably gone and passed, who didn't get the opportunity to show their talents." Tyus says, "That pretty much did it for me. That's how I got to Tennessee State.  That's how i got an education."  Not only did she get a college education, Tyus says "I got another type of education. I was able to travel all over the world to learn about different people, learn about their cultures, and learn about all different ethnicities of the world, and learn to appreciate people for who they are."

A member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the National Track and Field Hall of Fame, and the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame, Tyus was recently in Atlanta for "A Conversation with Wyomia Tyus" at Georgia Tech. She also tells her story in the newly released book Tigerbelle: The Wyomia Tyus Story.

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