Attorney: "Surviving R. Kelly" Is G-Rated Compared To What's Really Going On

Family: Please stop blaming us

January 7, 2019
Her family says that Joycelyn Savage was 19 when she was "lured away" by singer R. Kelly

(Photo Credit: The Savage Family)


While Atlanta attorney Gerald Griggs says the "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series was "well put together", he also believes "it's the G-Rated version of what's happening and has happened." He believes there's "absolutely more" than what the public has heard and seen.

Griggs represents the Savage family of Atlanta. They're the parents of now-23 year old Joycelyn, who was 19 years only when her family says she was "taken hostage" by R & B singer R. Kelly. The Savages were part of a protest last summer outside the John's Creek home where is alleged that Kelly was holding several young women, including their daughter, against their will. They are calling for law enforcment to get involved and "bring an end to this."

How did their daughter get involved with the chart-topping R&B singer?

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