Stop The Abortion Bans Protest Held In Atlanta

Activists vow to kick supporters out of office

May 21, 2019

Georgia is among the states that have banned abortions 6-8 weeks after conception. Across the country today was "Stop The Bans: Day of Action for Abortion Rights" day. The hundreds that gathered on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol chanted "Get Your Hands Off Our Bodies", "We Won't Go Back", "They Think It's A Game, They Think It's A Joke", and more.

Hundreds turned out for the Abortion ban protest in Atlanta
(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

There were various speakers from about a dozen organizations. Among those braving the sun's glare were Hollywood actress Frances Fisher,  who told me she attended because, "I am a woman, and we have to stop the ban everywhere." Using a megaphone, while trying to speak over chants of "(Gov) Brian Kemp sucks", Fisher told the crowd that she was "representing all of the actresses, actors, crew people, and production companies who are staying here to work in Georgia."

The film industry has been protesting the ban. A boycott could affect the industry in Georgia. Governor Brian Kemp, who signed the bill into law earlier this month maintains, "I know they're mad at me for doing what I said I'd do, but I think most Georgians appreciate that."

Kemp Signs Abortion Ban

Staci Fox, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Southeast, told the cheering crowd outside the Georgia Capitol, "These politicians will be getting a pink slip from us next fall."

Several female Georgia lawmakers appeared at the rally, including Representative Erica Thomas. While noting that Georgia leads the U.S. in maternal deaths, Thomas said, "I am 7 months pregnant and I'm not going to die. I am going to live so that I can have this baby, so that this baby next year can stand right here and fight for women's rights."

GA State Representative Erica Thomas, who is 7 months pregnant, addressed Tuesday's abortion ban protest at the GA Capitol
(Photo Credit: GA Rep. Erica Thomas)

The protest also brought out those in support of the abortion bans. Jack Allen Jr. said, "I believe in the sanctity of life". He added that women have options when they get pregnant,  "there's plenty of people that would love to take that child, put it up for adoption." Another solution he said would be to "not have sex without marriage. You've got to find a responsible man."