Replacing Isakson: Minorities and Women Would Be On Kemp's List

Important to show what Georgia looks like in highest ranking positions

August 29, 2019
Sen. Johnny Isakson is retiring and GA Governor Brian Kemp must name a replacement

(Photo Credit: Office of Senator Johnny Isakson)


He votes for President Donald Trump's appointees, just as he did with President George W. Bush's appointees, and voted against President Barack Obama's agenda. So, what sets Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson apart and makes him not of this era? Strategist Brian Robinson says Isakson is "able to talk about Democrats and talk with Democrats in a civil manner and treat them as human beings."

Isakson will retire at the end of the year. He sites declining health as the reason. He has Parkinson's Disease, and suffered a fall last month.

Robinson, who served in the administration of GOP Governor Nathan Deal, says there will be tremendous pressures on Governor Brian Kemp from "people wanting the seat, from Washington D.C. interests, Republicans in Georgia" and more.

If there is ever a list of contenders floated, Robinson thinks minorities and women would be on it. "Kemp is very conscientious of diversity and the visual, in making sure that all Georgians are represented."

Robinson also talks about the major role that former candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams will play in 2020.