#Kaeperbowl: Seven Colin Kaepernick Murals Were Painted Around Atlanta On Super Bowl Sunday In Response To Demolished West End Mural

Here's Where They're Located

February 3, 2019
Artist Fabian Williams paints a new Colin Kaepernick mural in response to his "Kaeplanta" mural being demolished on Feb 1 before Super Bowl 53

AD “Kaya” Clark (instagram.com/kayashoots)


Atlanta artist Fabian Williams has announced "Kaeperbowl": his response to the Colin Kaepernick mural he created in 2017 being demolished on the Friday before Super Bowl 53. He and a crew of other artists have received approval by seven local business to put new Colin Kaepernick murals all around Atlanta.

And at least one of the murals has already been completed -- as Williams promised in V-103's earlier story on the building's demolition -- in time for the big game:

...But on the 3rd day, he rose. --------✊-- From the ashes to the masses. #HappyKaeperbowlSunday! -- @kayashoots @queensempire is holding me down! Feb 3, 2019. 1st entry into the #Kaeperbowl, located at 400 Northside Dr. 6 more to go! #kaeplanta #kaepernick @yourrightscamp @v103atlanta @bbcsport @npr #400NorthsideDr #Atlanta #AtlantaMurals #SuperBowl #Superbowl53 #SuperbowlWeekend #OccasionalSuperstar #Art

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Find out the locations of the seven other new Colin Kaepernick murals below, and follow Williams on Instagram for more information on #Kaeperbowl

Here is the Official #Kaeperbowl Local Business List! Kickoff starts at 11am. -- Volunteers may assist the Lead Artists on the wall space they are assigned to. -- Those interested in making a paint supply, food and beverage or any other donations for artists please email my Manager Ash at AlphaAsh.OsArt@Gmail.Com -- PLEASE DO NOT DM -- THANK YOU WORLD for standing with Atlanta in peaceful Arts Activism-- All remaining proceeds will go to the Occasional Superstar LLC / BLOOM community mission. . #OccasionalSuperstar #Kaeperbowl #Kaepernick #Atlanta #Atl #StreetArt #Mural #TheSouthGotSomethingToSay #SuperBowl #LoveAllServeAll ----#BlackHistoryMonth

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