Rhythm + Flow, ExpediTIously!

T.I. Talks about His New Podcast and Netflix Show

October 14, 2019

Energy. Humility. ExpediTIously. Just a few words that instantly come to mind when speaking on or thinking of the legendary, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, simply known to many as known as Tip.  This past week [October 8, 2019], The Morning Culture with Frank Ski, Jade Novah and JR, had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Harris on his long running #TRENDINGTOPIC status.  From his new podcast show; ExpediTIously— all the Top Rappers’ Lists mumbles on into his New Netflix journey with Cardi B. and Chance the Rapper, “Rhythm + Flow”, Tip has been keeping his self very busy—but we expect nothing less from our very own ATLien.  [#TypicalTip.]

   Still humble, yet more enlightened, direct and brutally honest than ever is what makes his position on The New Netflix Series “Rhythm + Flow” very vital.  While dropping rare gems of knowledge, Tip expresses both during the interview with TMC and via “Rhythm + Flow” that this show was developed to be different from all the other “talent search shows”.  While traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago, Atlanta and back to the West Coast – Cardi B. , Chance The Rapper and Mr. Harris along with a few of their more notable friends, legends [Snoop Dogg, Twista, Lupe Fiasco & More] picked artists to send to LA for their chance at greatness.  Tip explains that they are in search for someone that is both,  “Exceptionally Talented” and “A Star with A Story”, however, knowing that rarely do you find that Diamond in the rough that poses both, they know they have their work cut out for them.  After only the first four episodes just being released earlier this week [October 8, 2019], the show already displays an eclectic variety of talent.  The level of intimacy being shown between the judges and artists is very genuine and real raw which could be another major surplus for being aired on Netflix.  The New Netflix Series “Rhythm + Flow” will be sure to change the life of one lucky winner, instantly.  The winner of the new series will win $250,000. No contract. No run-arounds, just cash! Be sure to tune in October 16th and October 23rd for the next cluster of episodes available only on Netflix!