Ramona’s Top Five Grill Gadgets for Summer Cookouts

Grab these gizmos for your holiday barbecue

May 23, 2019
A grill with flame-broiling meats

Now I know you are a grillmaster, at least in your mind. We all are! And because every master of her or his domain needs toys and tools, I have compiled a list of the most awesome gadgets to use when you cookout this summer. Swing by your local gadget store or order up some of these tech toys to help you do everything, from cook the perfect steak to clean the charring off the grill, without breaking a sweat! 



Seriously. Save time and frustration by letting this take care of your dirty work. It’s like having a grill maid. This is just a cool idea.


Cooper Rapid Beverage Cooler 

From water to wine, this baby can chill a can of beer in one minute (and a bottle of wine in six)! 


Webber iGrill mini 

This is the ultimate way to ensure that meat is done. It always drove me crazy when recipes called for you to stop cooking the food at a particular temperature. Well, this gadget takes the guesswork out of it. Grill-game-on folks! 


The Coolest Cooler 

Ok, it’s actually called The Coolest Cooler. It debuted as a crowdfunding fave, and boy I’d like to get my hands on it. It’s a bluetooth speaker, has wheels, a handle, a blender, a charger and even plates and silverware attached! This is probably my favorite cookout gadget of them all.


Portable Icemaker 

I had to include this because I remember those days in the park with warm sodas and it wasn’t cool. I mean literally. This may be worth the investment.  It makes nugget ice for crying out loud. YAAS!!!