Ramona DeBreaux's Christmas Candy Popcorn

with Wayfield Foods

December 7, 2018

You're going to want to leave this out for Santa Claus instead of the same old boring cookies!  Go to www.wayfieldfoods.com to find your nearest store and check out what's on sale...and remember...eat better and spend less at Wayfield Foods!



  • Your favorite popcorn
  • Melting milk chocolate
  • Melting white chocolate
  • M&M candies
  • Sprinkles
  • Additional holiday candy (feel free to pick your favorite!)



  1. Pour popcorn into a casserole dish
  2. Melt chocolate over a double broiler
  3. Drizzle chocolate over popcorn
  4. Repeat with white white chocolate
  5. Lightly mix popcorn and chocolate
  6. Cover with your favorite M&Ms
  7. Cover with your favorite sprinkles
  8. Serve it up and don't forget to save some for Santa

Grab these ingredients from your friends at Wayfield Foods!