Ramona DeBreaux's Father's Day Top 5

Check out these gift ideas!

June 12, 2018

1) Porsche Experience

Book the Dad in your life a tour at the Porsche Facility, take a Porsche Driving Class or get even more gritty and book a test drive in the new 911 GT3. Even try off-roading in a Porsche Cayenne. This adventure is sure to break the Father’s Day Tie monotony and give him an experience others will envy.

2) AirPods

Father’s will always love tech and that’s why it’s time to upgrade his earphones to the Apple AirPods. They really are truly wireless with dynamic sound... and will free him of cumbersome wires.

3) Kiehl's gift certificate

From ingrown serums to energizing facial washes, Men can find everything they would never admit they needed and privately want. Kiehls even features an Age Defender line of products- kinda like the Oil of Olay for guys. Don’t pick it up yourself for your guy though, handing him the gift card truly is the loveliest gesture for Father’s Day.

4) A Leather Duffle

Many times the selfless fathers in our lives go without. My father never bought anything for himself which is where my mom came in. Whether it was the latest trending Mohair or loafers, my mom would use Father’s Day as an excuse to throw away or “lose” those old trusty duds dad loved.

This Father’s Day try replacing his old scruffed duffle.

5) Powertools

This gift is tried and true for a reason. Power tools like drills get upgraded every season. His old drill may be great but chances are, for light work around the house he is working harder than he has to. Some new tools have more power, lights and sensors and more efficient batteries which he’ll appreciate. In my case, I bought the best tools so I could use them later... but in any case, the new tools are winners for Father’s Day!