Ramona DeBreaux's Simple Sesame Ginger Salmon with Wayfield Foods

September 13, 2018

This is THE BEST salmon dish you'll ever have!  Go to www.wayfieldfoods.com to find your nearest store and check out what's on sale...and remember...eat better and spend less at Wayfield Foods!


  • Salmon filet
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil of your choice
  • Your favorite veggie mix
  • Soy sauce
  • Chili ginger sauce



  1. Cut slices into skin side of salmon
  2. Salt and pepper salmon
  3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil
  4. Place salmon into oil skin side down
  5. Saute until skin is crispy
  6. Flip and saute other side
  7. In another pan, saute veggie mix
  8. Season with soy sauce
  9. Add chili ginger sauce
  10. Plate with veggies on the bottom and enjoy!

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