Ramona DeBreaux's Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes

Make your own spooky look

October 24, 2018
Halloween jack-o-lanterns

Tina M. Gohr/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin


If your childhood was anything like mine…your parents dropped the ball on creative costumes after the age of eight. 

With five kids in the house, hauling us all down to the department store to get a costume was not only a task, it was expensive. Aside from that, my parents would wait until the last minute and the pickings were few. By the time I reached junior high, I was pretty crafty and started to design my own costumes, which is why I had to share my top 10 DIY costumes from Pinterest.

Check them out…or even try them!

Ice Cream Cone


Oreo Cookie

Crayon Box


Washing Machine

French Fries


Chocolate Kisses

Gumball Machine