Ramona DeBreaux's DIY Fixer-Upper Home Renovation, Part 1

Lights Camera Action!

March 5, 2019
DIY Home Renovation Main Image

Andrea De Martin | Dreamstime.com


So the time has come.

My family has grown from three to five people. We had been enjoying the new addition to our clan, 1-year old Zoey, and then we were blessed to have Mom join us. With all of this joy, we simply ran out of space. Believe me, I tried to install closet systems but between Zoey's playmats and toys, and our clothes, it was getting harder and harder to move around. 

So we found a "gently used" home in the neighborhood that was lovely, and just needed updating. Of course I was excited because I love putting my stamp on spaces. Since "she" (the house) was born in the early 2000s, she had cherry cabinet, coordinating granite and wrought iron fixtures. 

Ramona DeBreaux's kitchen
Ramona DeBreaux

All of that has to go. I had a new home around that time. It was seen as premier then, but now the world has moved on to Midcentury Modern lights, white cabinets and neutral grays.

So let's begin with the lights! 

Ramoma DeBreaux's lights
Ramoma DeBreaux

These lights scream executive. And though my hubby is a boss man, this is not our style. Away they go. 

I chose a basic pendant for the kitchen island that would give the feeling of airiness while updating the room. They were inexpensive too, and I loved saving that money to spend it somewhere else. And I chose this chandelier without having a destination in mind initially.

Ramoma DeBreaux's chandelier
Ramoma DeBreaux

I just loved how it made me feel. It added glam, but not too much. I decided after seeing this picture from ZGallerie.com that I would be installing it in the kitchen. 

Next it was time to get rid of the ugliest ceiling fan I have ever seen...--

Ramoma DeBreaux's ceiling fan
Ramoma DeBreaux

If you like it, I'm sorry-- but not sorry. I picked a fixture that would coordinate with the kitchen fixtures but give the living room its own spicy character. I also went more masculine with it because the other fixture is more frilly than normal. You may notice that I also used grays, teals, gold and silver in the artwork, and throw pillows. 

Already the house is beginning to look different, but we've still got work to do. I can't wait until the cabinets get painted white. I will also be adding a dining table and painting the countertop. That's right, I will be keeping the countertops but painting them. Spending money for a look is not what I'm into. But the journey has begun. 

Ramoma DeBreaux's kitchen
Ramoma DeBreaux

Hit me with any questions if you want to know anything about the process that I didn't address here.

And until next time, toddles!