Meghan Markle Rocks Recycled Plastic Water Bottles On Her Feet

October 22, 2018

© Press Association


Even the Royal Family cares about their carbon footprint! Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and hubby, Prince Harry were touring Australia recently and of course, all of the fashionistas inspected Meghan’s wardrobe choice from head to toe! Bringing major attention to the Duchess’ shoe choice.

Being an environmentalist is nothing new to Meghan. When the Royal couple married, they chose several different environmental and conservation charities for people to donate to in lieu of wedding gifts. It’s no surprise that our favorite Duchess to watch would rock a pair of black pointed  Rothy’s.

© Press Association

Never heard of Rothy’s?  Google Rothy’s now and Meghan and her Rothy’s will pop up! The stylish shoe is created from recycled plastic bottles. The Rothy’s website says “the bottles are hot washed, sterilized, then fused into fiber that is knit into yarn.” You can even throw these shoes into the wash! They have several styles with prices ranging from $125 to $165. They do have little girl sizes. Sorry fellas, nothing for you at the moment.  

Grab a pair and sit back, relax and kick up your feet with a sense of gratification of knowing that you are doing your 1 Thing to help save our world and the fact that you and the Duchess have matching shoes.