V-103's DJ Nabs and Frank Ski

DJ Nabs and Frank Ski Talk to Vice Magazine About Atlanta's '90s Clubs Scene

Remember Back In The Day?

March 18, 2019

Those who were alive and in Atlanta during the 1990s remember just how big a role music has played in making it one of the most culturally important cities in the world. And some of V-103's amazing air personalities and disc jockeys are owed a lot of credit for helping to cultivate the nightlife and setting the tone for where Atlanta is today.

V-103's own Frank Ski and DJ Nabs were recently featured in a Vice magazine story written by Atlanta reporter Jewel Wicker. In the story, the two prominent record-spinners talk about what it was like to control the music at legendary venues like Club 559 in Atlanta's West End neighborhood, and Kaya, the midtown nightclub that would eventually be renovated into Club Vision, although the building has been replaced with high-rise offices, condominiums, restaurants and shops for years.

Frank has fond memories of his time at the Midtown club, from the moment he first began DJing there. "I walk into Kaya and was like ‘here it is.’ [It had] one long bar on one side of the room, a big dance floor in the middle and four speakers in every corner and that was it,” said Ski. “It was like somebody’s basement. I was like, ‘This is the spot.’ There were no VIP sections. There were no places to sit in the whole room."

The story also mentions the recent comments from Sean "Diddy" Combs, who made nightclub appearances while the Super Bowl was in town, and said on Instagram he wished there was more dancing going on in Atlanta. It then goes on to quote Lil' Jon, who also says he's looking forward to Atlanta getting back to having fun in clubs.

Read the full story now at Vice.com.