You Are The Father: Drake’s New Album Scorpion Reveals The Truth

June 30, 2018

The most anticipated album of the summer is finally here and it’s double the wait! Drake dropped his 5th studio album Scorpion late last night and the web went crazy!

Not only is Scorpion a double-album but Drake dropped plenty of bombshells and finally responded to rapper Pusha T.

Many believed Pusha T was lying when he spilled the tea about Drake’s son but in track no. 4, entitled “Emotionless,” Drake confirms that yes he does indeed have a son!

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world. I was hiding the world from my kid. From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate. Until you staring at your seed you could never relate.”

FINALLY, all the speculation and rumors are shut down as Drake allows his fans into his personal life. 

But wait, there’s more! Drake also refutes Pusha’s claims that he’s a deadbeat dad on track no. 7, entitled “8 Out of 10.” He says, “The only deadbeats is whatever beats I been rappin’ to. Never a matter of could I or should I. Kiss my son on his forehead and kiss your ass good-bye. As luck would have it I’m settled into my role as the good guy.”

Drake has said before that he wanted to be married and have kids.  If he meant that in the traditional sense, one could understand him being so private about his current situation and honestly, who could blame him?

Drake then gives listeners a small timeline of events that occurred leading up to his son’s birth in the closing song entitled, “March 14th.” Throughout the song he suggests that there is a custody battle with the mother of his child that he’s only met twice, that the baby boy’s birthday is October 11th, and that he’s unfortunately seen him only once.

Outside of the Pusha T beef and his secret lovechild, Drake also reveals that he and Jay-Z are cool again. Jay-Z is featured on track no. 11, entitled “Talk Up” which lets fans know that these two men have put the past behind them and moved on for the better.

There are 25 total tracks between side A & side B and the album is now available on all platforms. Be sure to check out the track list below and let us know what you think about the album!


Track Listing:

#1 Focus Track:
Side B: #10. Don’t Matter To Me (103 BPM) (Massive Feature, Global Song)

Top 5 Focus Tracks:

Side B: #10. Don’t Matter To Me ft/ Michael Jackson (103 BPM) (Massive Feature, Global Song)
Side A: #11. Talk Up ft/ Jay-Z (70 BPM)
Side B #2. Summer Games (128 BPM) (Global Sound Song)
Side B: #6. Ratchet Happy Birthday (84) (Big Birthday Song)
Side B: #9. In My Feelings (91) (Big Radio Song)

Side A
1. Survival (85 BPM) (Super Rap)
2. Nonstop (77 BPM) (Club Rap)
3. Elevate (76 BPM) (Sing Rap)
4. Emotionless (86 BPM) (Super Rap)
5. God’s Plan (77 BPM)
6. I’m Upset (75 BPM)
7. 8 Out Of 10 (85 BPM) (Club Rap)
8. Mob Ties (86 BPM) (Club Rap)
9. Can’t Take A Joke (87 BPM) (Club Rap)
10. Sandra’s Rose (75 BPM) (Super Rap)
11. Talk Up ft/ Jay-Z (70 BPM)
12. Is There More (84 BPM) (Personal Rap)

Side B
1. Peak (92 BPM) (Slower R&B)
2. Summer Games (128 BPM) (Global Sound Song)
3. Jaded (116 BPM) (Slower R&B)
4. Nice For What (93 BPM)
5. Finesse (95 BPM) (R&B)
6. Ratchet Happy Birthday (84 BPM) (Big Birthday Song)
7. That’s How You Feel (85 BPM) (Faster R&B)
8. Blue Tint (67 BPM) (Club Sing/Rap)
9. In My Feelings (91 BPM) (Big Radio Song )
10. Don’t Matter To Me ft/ Michael Jackson (103 BPM) (Massive Feature, Global Song)
11. After Dark ft/ Static Major & Ty Dolla $ign (71 BPM) (Late Night R&B)
12. Final Fantasy (90 BPM) (R&B)
13. March 14 (93 BPM) (Personal Rap)