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Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition

AutoNSider Review | 2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition

Tough guy with a soft heart. Yes…Nissan’s new Rock Creek Edition Pathfinder is much more than a cosmetic trim package. This guy is built to work hard, but not punish you along the way. So let’s assume that you already know that Nissan’s Pathfinder is a full-sized SUV…able to seat 6 or 7 depending...
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BMW X2 M35i

AutoNSider Review | 2019 BMW X2 M35i

It’s possible that you actually could squeeze 29 or 30 MPG out of this new BMW, but you probably won’t. Why? It’s way too much fun to drive. And hey…while good mileage is always appreciated, that’s not what you buy a BMW for, right? You buy a BMW because you enjoy driving…and their X2 delivers...
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Chevy Traverse

AutoNSider Review | 2020 Chevy Traverse High Country

Do you really NEED ambient lighting that changes with your mood…heated and cooled cup holders…or heated armrests? Or do you just need a comfortable, attractive three-row SUV that offers just about all the other luxury touches available these days + 5,000 lb towing capacity…and is priced maybe 10 –...
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VW Beetle 2.0T

AutoNSider Review | 2019 VW Beetle 2.0T “Final Edition” SE

Good bye, my friend! Yes…Volkswagen is ending production of its Beetle…and VW is taking their retro classic out with a bit of a flair. Over 21 million of the original Beetles were sold. It took roughly 45 years to hit that number…making the Beetle by far the biggest selling model ever made. Then VW...
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Hyundai Elantra GT

AutoNSider Review | 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT N Line

Volkswagen, Honda and all you other “Hot Hatches”…you’re got company. Yes…Hyundai has taken their already well-regarded Elantra hatchback…added a good dash of Sriracha…and elbowed their way into the Hot Hatch Club. While Hyundai’s “regular” GT has a 161 HP 2.0 liter four, the N Line pumps out 201...
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AutoNSider Review | 2019 BMW X7 xDrive50i

If this Bad Boy isn’t King of THE Hill, the X7 is certainly king of something…and something BIG. While there are vehicles out there that’ll climb steeper hills, BMW’s top-of-the-line X7 x Drive three-row SUV is a rare combination of speed, handling, technology, capability…plus a huge dose of...
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Jaguar F

AutoNSider Review | 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR

I almost lost my “Man-Card”. Yup. I won’t say I was scared, but I was truly startled the first time I really “punched” this 550 HP machine. Acceleration? Oh yeah. More than I expected. Now I’ve driven 500…600…even 700 HP vehicles before, but this Jag knows how to put its 550 HP on the road. All-...
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Audi A5

AutoNSider Review | AutoNsider, AutoInsider, Daryl Killian, Bob Jackson, review,

I’d like to buy one of these for my Bride. And that’s not to say that this Audi Cab doesn’t have the chops to be a guy’s car, too. No…it’s just that she’s a fun lady and this is a fun car. It’s hard to get behind the wheel of Audi’s A5 convertible without a big smile. It’s a light, tight delight to...
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Chevy Traverse

AutoNSider Review | 2019 Chevy Traverse Premier

So let’s say that you’ve got a bit of a crew to tote, but no need to tow anything like a 28-foot boat. In which case, maybe you don’t need all the muscle that a big V-8 Tahoe would bring to the party, but you still want the space, comfort and technology, right? If that sounds like you, check out...
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2019 Nissan Armada

AutoNSider Review | 2019 Nissan Armada SV 4WD

Nissan put a lot of meat on these bones. Even the base “SV” comes with a big, burly 5.6 liter, 390 HP V-8, 8,500 lb towing capacity, 18” alloys, a 7-speed auto, heated front seats, 8-passenger seating, 13-speaker Bose sound, a rear door alert, and intelligent cruise, emergency braking and forward...
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