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Jay Z

Jay Z Is Being Sued + Ralo Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges!

Jay Z is being sued for not paying his partners & Atlanta rapper Ralo is going through his legal issues! Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics for more details and be sure to catch him live from Monday-Friday from 2-6pm at
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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Betrayed By Friend of 15 Years + G Eazy Busted For Cocaine Possession

In today’s Trending Topics G Eazy gets arrested after fighting security and being caught with cocaine. Also, There’s a plot twist to Kevin Hart's cheating scandal. Apparently his friend of 15+ years Johnathen Jackson tried to extort him. Watch below to hear the details and make sure you catch Big...
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Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson's Sidepiece Courtside? + Blac Chyna's Pregnancy Update

Just when we thought the Tristan Thompson situation couldn't get any messier, It did lol. Khloe Kardashian declined Tristan Thompson's Playoff ticket offer so he did the unthinkable. Also in today's Trending Topics, Big Tigger gives and update on Blac Chyna's pregnancy rumor and Teyana Taylor...
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Kanye Goes off at TMZ

Kanye Claims He Got Lipo + Criticizes Slave Mentality

In more Kanye news, Yeezy never ceases to amaze us! His thought of being open and practicing his freedom of speech has now landed him in hot water with not just African Americans, but minorities as a whole. Kanye appeared on TMZ Live today and claims that African Americans were enslaved for 400...
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Amber Rose

Amber Rose Wants A Piece Of Nicki Minaj + Migos Fight In Vegas

Amber Rose decided to shoot her shot with Nicki Minaj, do you think Nicki caught the bait? + A video of Migos fighting after one of their performances in Vegas has surfaced. Check out what REALLY happened inside of Big Tigger's Trending Topics! Make sure you tune in to Big Tigger Live Monday-Friday...
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Is Kanye Losing It Or Is It All A Stunt?!

Kanye Has been on a tweeting spree and downward spiral for a few days now. Close friends and family have reached out to check on him and his mental health, while some comment back to the media in his defense. Are we now starting to see what his Roc Nation family had been hinting to us for a while...
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Meek Mill

Meek Mill Is A Free Man!! Details Inside..

After all of the rallying & support from his fans as well as his city...Meek Mill is officially a FREE MAN! We're hoping he went straight to the studio to release some of his frustrations into a brand new track but we'll see. Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics for more details and make...
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Beyonce Coachella 2018

Beyonce Falls At Coachella!

Just when you thought Beyonce doesn't slip up...she did! It isn't her first time though, Remember her last Superbowl performance? One thing about Beyonce is she knows how to bounce back and play it off. Also, Riri is dropping something new for the ladies. Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics to...
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Tigger & Jasmine Brand

Jasmine Brand Talks Blogging Etiquette & Building Her Site With Big Tigger

A plot twist to Big Tigger's Trending Topics.. Yesterday we reported about the Stevie J's shenanigans. Now our source Jasmine Brand, CEO of, stopped by the show to discuss the deets + more live with Big Tigger. Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics and make sure you catch him...
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Stevie j

Did Stevie J Have A One Night Stand With Former Cast Mate?

Stevie J calls in to clear the air about him and a former cast mate having a "secret relationship" tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics to hear Stevie's response. Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics and be sure to watch him live from 2-6pm Monday-Friday at UPDATE: Traci Steele...
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