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Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner

Helpful Hints for a Healthier Holiday Feast

Kroger wants to help you get prepared for your big holiday meals! One week ahead of time, make a checklist! You won’t want to have to scramble to Kroger at the last minute! Also mix any dry ingredients. It will save you from using measuring cups or spoons the day of. One day ahead of time, chop and...
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Kroger Pumpkin

A More Organic Fall Harvest

Here are four easy tips for hosting a perfectly spook-tacular or wonder "fall" event! Love pumpkin seeds, but hate the gooey mess? With Simple Truth Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds you get all the crunch and flavor without the sticky fingers. Or try Simple Truth Canned Pumpkin can be used in just about...
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Kroger Football Snacks

Have a Healthier Game Day

Football season is here! Need some quick snacking ideas for the tailgate or for your game entertaining at home? No game-day spread would be the same without chips and salsa. Try Kroger’s Simple Truth Salsa for the Win! Kroger has several delicious organic flavors, but add some color to your table...
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Kroger School Kids

Have a Healthier Back to School

School is back in session and so is snacking! It’s often easy to grab a quick packaged snack or sugary midday treat. But by taking an extra minute to prepare a quick, painless and simple snack you’ll feel better! Whether you’re a student or a full-time member of the workforce! Pack in the protein!...
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Kroger Fresh Fruit

Fresh Foods Perfect for Summertime

Summer is in full stride – so for many people, this means fun in the sun on vacations, holiday picnics and increased risk for dehydration. Thirst and dry mouth are very early indicators that dehydration is occurring and progressing; take these symptoms seriously and drink plenty of water or try...
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Kroger Dried Fruit

Healthier Food for a Healthier Heart

Adding more fresh produce to your diet is a step in the right direction to a healthier heart! Choose frozen, canned or dried produce when fresh isn’t available or practical. It can be just as nutritious and will last longer. Choose canned fruit packed in water, light syrup or its own juice. With...
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Food portion dreamstime_m_37572502.jpg

Did you know there Is a difference between portion and serving size?

Did you know there Is a difference between portion and serving size? YES! It’s important to know the difference when it comes to focusing on health and keeping calorie count controlled. It’s especially important for people to be aware of their food consumption when in a social gathering. For...
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Kroger Simple Truth

'Spring' into a Healthier Palette this April!

“Spring” into a healthier palette this April! Kroger’s Simple Truth foods provide a simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy solution to the challenge of simply better living. You’ll find Simple Truth items throughout the store during your everyday shopping trips. Our wide range of products with easy-...
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American Heart Association Go Red For Women

February is Heart Month

Heart disease kills 1 in 3 women each year – more women than all forms of cancer combined. Speak up! Become part of the movement to keep heart disease from affecting you and those you love. Go to www.GoRedForWomen.org to support the American Heart Association and get involved.
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National Wear Red Day

Heart disease kills 1 in 3 women each year – more women than all forms of cancer combined. But most women don’t notice the symptoms until it’s too late. Wear Red on National Wear Red Day Friday, Feb. 2 to spread the message and save the women you love.
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