Keith Thurman

Winky Wright with JR

Two-time light middleweight champ and Hall of Famer Winky Wright says, "Manny is great, but Thurman will win this fight."

Two-time light middleweight champion, and Hall of Famer, Winky Wright sat down with JR from The Morning Culture and Big Tigger to talk Pacquiao - Thurman! Wright says, "Manny is great, but Thurman is going to win this fight. Keith Thurman is the future." This fight reminds him of "the old fights...
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Keith Thurman Big Tigger JR 071919

Keith Thurman tells Big Tigger and JR that this is "HIS fight", not Manny's

Only a day away from his fight with Manny Pacquiao, Keith Thurman says, "This is HIG fight! This is the Keith Thurman show." And he believes it. He even bet money on himself to knock Pacquiao out in the 1st or 2nd round. Check out what else he had to tell Big Tigger and JR here! (Photo Credit: NV/...
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Shawn Porter

Two-time Welterweight World Champ Shawn Porter tells Big Tigger, "Manny may not be ready."

Big Tigger and JR from The Morning Culture are out in Las Vegas for the Pacquiao - Thurman fight. Two-time Welterweight World Champion Shawn Porter tells Big Tigger and JR that, "Manny may not be ready." Find out the rest of his predictions here! (Photo Credit: NV/RADIO.COM)
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