Lil Nas X

Why Lil Nas X Denied His Nicki Minaj Fandom Before Coming Out

Lil Nas X has spoken up about his love for Nicki Minaj. The artist shares that he previously had not been open about this because he thought his love for Minaj would “out him.”
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7 Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar Right Now

Whether you’re a beginner guitar player or have been playing for ways, there’s always a thrill that comes with learning a new song. Regardless of your skill level, here are seven easy songs you can learn to play right now.
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Watch Lil Nas X Crash a Wedding at Disney World

When you wish upon a star, you might just end up with Lil Nas X at your wedding. The “Old Town Road” artist dropped in on a wedding at Disney World this weekend, shocking guests.
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Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy Says He Owes No Apology

Dr. Rashad Richey and guest Co-host Astrid Martinez from CBS46 News interviewed Pastor Troy about comments he made referencing Lil Nas X's Grammy outfit and sexual orientation. Many are calling Troy's social media comments "homophobic", while others have expressed support of the Atlanta rapper's...
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2020 GRAMMY Awards: Vote Now for 'Record of the Year'

The 2020 GRAMMY Awards are almost here, but there is still time for your voice to be heard. One of the biggest awards of the night is Record of the Year , and it’s your turn to tell us who you think should win. There are a lot of eyes on the nominees for Best New Artist and Album of the Year...
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2020 GRAMMY Awards: Vote Now for 'Best New Artist'

What curse? The Best New Artist winners at the GRAMMY Awards have been thriving over the past couple years, including names like Adele , Carrie Underwood , John Legend , and Maroon 5 . What was once thought to be an unwelcomed win in the 70s and 80s, is now a recognition of true talent far beyond...
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Lil Nas X Cancels Appearances, 'Ready to Take a Little Time Off'

Lil Nas X has been on Old Town Road so long that he’s looking for a rest stop. The singer says he’s taking a break from music during what has been a whirlwind year for the overnight, genre-bending star. “It’s been a wild last 7 months and I’m ready to take a little time off,” he wrote on Twitter. “...
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Lil Nas X In Studio

[WATCH] Lil Nas X Wants People To Understand That He's Unapologetically Him!

Lil Nas X stopped by The Morning Culture with Frank Ski, Jade Novah and JR and opened up about his experience with creating music and adjusting to becoming “Famous”… and we support him wholeheartedly! He dropped “Old Town Road” and ever since it topped the Billboard charts back in April, it has...
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Lil Nas X Dances With Robots, Explores the Future in 'Panini'

Disney star Skai Jackson is just trying to get away, but Lil Nas X keeps popping up in the new video for “Panini.” The clip from the “Old Town Road” star skips into a futuristic world, where Lil Nas X is the face of every advertiser and his song is completely inescapable. In reality, he’s half-way...
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Lil Nas X Explains Why He Came Out on HBO's 'The Shop'

Inside the barber shop for HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted , Lil Nas X shares why it was important to come out as gay at the moment he did. Telling his story to Kevin Hart , NBA star Kevin Love , and show creator Paul Rivera on the unfiltered show, the “Old Town Road” singer explains the timing of...
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