Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and More Take Stand Against Racism After Death of George Floyd

While protests continue across the country over the death of George Floyd, media companies are coming in solidarity. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more are taking a stand against racism after the death of George Floyd.
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Stopped By The Police, Do You Know Your Rights?

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Yassin Mohamed, and countless others have tragically died this year at the hands of police officers or retired law enforcement officers. A study conducted by The Stanford Open Policing Project shows that black drivers are being pulled over at a higher...
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Shelley Wynter

Mass Shootings Debate W/ Shelley Wynter: Is It Mental Health Or Racism?

Shelly Wynter put on a great debate during his visit with The Morning Culture . He mentions his views on the recent mass shootings that we've had here in the United States and whether he believes it to be racism or a mental health issue. Listeners called in for their opinion and some may beg to...
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Pastor Jamal Bryant calls President Trump an "embarrassment" after attacks on Baltimore, MD

Minister Jamal Bryant: If Baltimore "Is Living In Hell" Trump is Satan

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Just 6 months ago, he left the church he'd founded there to become the leader of the megachurch located in surburban Atlanta. Over the past few days, Dr. Bryant has watched and listened, as the President...
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Pusha T

[WATCH] Pusha T Says He Isn't Finished With Drake!!

Pusha T released another diss/response to his longtime feud with "Back To Back" rapper Drake. Drake, who is known for having clever responses ready to go when another artist takes shots at him, but Pusha T seems to really be putting up a fight and claims he isn't finished with him! Tune in to Big...
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