Real Talk with Rashad Richey

President Trump speaks in Washington D.C. on July 10, 2019

Rashad Richey Real Talk: Why Is Trump is Messing With The US Census?

You’re about to get a US Census questionnaire…Trump and his administration are fighting like hell to include a question about citizenship. The US Census is constitutionally mandated to count population… not just citizens. Why is this an important distinction? Census data is used to decide how much...
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Investigative reporter Greg Palast visits Rashad Richey

VOTER PURGE: Your Name Might Be On This Investigative Reporter's List of Georgia Voters Who've Been Removed From Registration

Attention Georgia residents: your name may have been purged from Georgia's voting rolls by Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Yes, the same person running for Governor as the Republican nominee. According to V-103 and WAOK host Rashad Richey, who interviewed investigative journalist Greg Palast today,...
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Offset Buys The Man Who Saved His Life a New Car!

Video of Offset Buys The Man Who Saved His Life a Car!! - V103 in Studio Exclusive
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