Author DeVon Franklin talks to V-103's The Morning Culture

WATCH: The Morning Culture Interviews Author/Producer DeVon Franklin About New Book On Men and Relationships

DeVon Franklin knows something about being in love and what men really want. He is married to the beautiful and talented actress Meagan Good, with whom he co-authored the New York Times bestselling book "The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love." In...
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Dr. Tartt Talks Valentine's Day, What Every Relationship Needs, Marriage Counseling + More

Dr. Tartt joins Frank Ski & JR on The Morning Culture to discuss the importance of couples celebrating Valentine's Day, explains what every relationship needs to work, why counseling helps marriages, and more! Video of Dr. Tartt Talks Valentine's Day, What Every Relationship Needs To...
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Frank Ski, Monie Love and Melyssa Ford discuss male infidelity in relationships on V-103

Melyssa Ford, Frank Ski and Monie Love Explain How Women Always Catch Cheating Men

It may be "cuffing season," but the cold weather doesn't stop men from wandering from home into the wilderness of cheating on their significant others. But how can a woman tell if her man is stepping out on her? Why do men think women don't notice subtle changes in behavior that signal an affair?...
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Author Derrick Jaxn visits V-103's Frank and Wanda In The Morning

Influential Relationship Author and Social Media Star Derrick Jaxn Visits Frank and Wanda In The Morning

Today on Frank and Wanda In The Morning, author and self-described "Self Love Ambassador" Derrick Jaxn sat down to talk about how he became one of the internet's most popular voices on topics concerning African-American love and relationships. Watch the video below as Jaxn (pronounced "Jackson")...
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Researchers Discover What Women Find Most Physically Attractive In Men

If you're trying to find that special woman in your life, there's one particular part of the body that researchers have concluded women find the most physically attractive. And it probably isn't that part of the body you're thinking of.
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