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Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 Name Drops Rappers Jim Jones, Cardi B, Casanova and more in Court

Tekashi 69, government name Daniel Hernandez, name-dropped rappers Jim Jones, Cardi B, Casanova and more in court today while testifying on the stand. He mentions a few rappers and members are part of the Nine Trey Bloods as part of his cooperation with the U.S Government. Tory Lanez also...
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Cardi B

Cardi B Interviews Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Cardi B has always been vocal about her political views and now she's had the chance to sit down with Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders . She asked him a list of questions that directly affect her community such as wages, health care, police brutality and more! Check out Big Tigger's...
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Nicki Minaj

[WATCH] Nicki Minaj Drags Joe Budden For False Accusations & “Disrespecting Women”

Nicki Minaj celebrated the birthday of Queen Radio and the one-year anniversary of her “Queen” album yesterday and came back with a bang. Joe Budden sparked a heated debate between the two after discussing false claims & disrespect. Tune in to Big Tigger’s Trending Topics for more details and...
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Drake & Beatles

Drake Get's A Tattoo In Honor of Beating The Beatle's Record

Drake is feeling pretty confident since surpassing The Beatles Billboard Hot 100 record. He celebrated by getting their iconic Abbey Road album cover tatted on his forearm, Beatles fans weren't too happy about this. Also in today's Trending Topics, Lil Nas X causes controversy in Massachusetts town...
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Saweetie Responds To "Icy Girl Winter" Internet Backlash

Saweetie took it upon herself to say that she's got the ladies covered for "Icy Girl Winter" and the response wasn't what we expected. Don't sleep on her because you never know what she's got up her sleeve for the season. Hopefully, she has some bangers tucked away and she shuts her opposers down...
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Yung Miami

Pregnant Rapper Yung Miami's G Wagon Shot Up After Leaving The Studio

Pregnant Rapper Yung Miami , 1/2 of the group City Girls , was targeted in a shooting that left her brand new 2019 G Wagon riddled with bullets. On the bright side, she's still alive and unharmed. Also in today's Trending Topics, Meek Mil l was granted a new judge in his case. Watch for more...
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[WATCH] A$AP Rocky Arrested In Sweden For Alleged Street Fight

A$AP Rocky is in the headlines for allegedly brawling in the streets of Sweden and has now been arrested. Also, Blueface exposes his family for pulling out a weapon on him. Watch Big Tigger's Trending Topic's for more details and be sure to tune in live Monday-Friday from 2-6pm at
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Drake Hands Over 350K To Instagram Model

Drake is coughing up the cash & Young Thug is up on his luck! Find out more in Big Tigger's Trending Topics and be sure to watch live Monday-Friday from 2-6pm at .
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Jess Hilarous Exposed By Her Sister + Chris Brown Expecting Baby #2

It's a family affair! Chris Brown is allegedly expecting baby number two & Diddy became the bigger man when he congratulates ex girlfriend Cassie on her pregnancy. Meanwhile, families are growing but Jess Hilarious is in a situation where hers may be tearing apart. Watch Big Tigger's Trending...
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Drake & Odell Beckham Jr Being Sued For Club Brawl

Drake, Odell Beckham Jr and Kourtney Kardashian's ex boo is in being sued for being involved in a nightclub fight. Also, Chris Brown's accuser is coming out with more details of her alleged sexual abuse plus more. Tune in to Big Tigger's Trending Topics for more details and be sure to check out...
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