A man holds sign "I lost my job because of coronavirus." as he sits Male sitting on stairs of building at his  former place of work in the business center.

Highest Unemployment Ever in GA

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic the record for unemployment in Georgia was 10.6%. That was in December 2010.
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Can Employees Refuse to Work and Still Receive Unemployment Benefits Amid COVID-19?

As more employees have to return to work during the pandemic, many are wondering if they are required to risk their safety, and how their choice impacts their unemployment eligibility.
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Coronavirus: When Will the United States Job Market Recover?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on jobs across the country. Many across the United States may be wondering when the country’s job market will recover.
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Why Are $600 Unemployment Checks Being Delayed in Some States?

Many people across the United States are collecting unemployment. Americans may be wondering, why unemployment checks are being delayed in some states?
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