Valentine's Day

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Relationship Goals: V-103's Valentine's Day Gallery Of Couples Who Represent The Diverse Beauty Of Black Love

It's Valentine's Day, and nothing says "relationship goals" like seeing beautiful expressions of black love. Here in Atlanta we're fortunate enough to see a lot of black love all around us, whether it's African-American power couples who dominate the media because of their successful entertainment...
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An African-American couple in love

Here Are Joyce Littel's Top 10 Romantic Valentine's Day Love Songs

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without romantic music. And few people can hold a candle to V-103’s own Joyce Littel, host of The Quiet Storm, when it comes to choosing the right song to set the mood on the sexiest night of the year, so we got her to share a list of 10 of her favorite love songs for...
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Frank Ski's Top 4 Recommendations For Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

With so many options for Valentine's Day dinner in Atlanta, it can be quite a task to settle on which ones are really among the best of the best. Thankfully V-103 has Frank Ski, who knows all about wining and dining in Atlanta and around the world. Here are his recommendations on where you and the...
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Dr. Tartt Talks Valentine's Day, What Every Relationship Needs, Marriage Counseling + More

Dr. Tartt joins Frank Ski & JR on The Morning Culture to discuss the importance of couples celebrating Valentine's Day, explains what every relationship needs to work, why counseling helps marriages, and more! Video of Dr. Tartt Talks Valentine's Day, What Every Relationship Needs To...
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